About Us

Who we are

IT is not just our profession - it's our passion. We find joy and satisfaction in crafting solutions that not only drive profits but also fulfill the goals and resolve the challenges of our clients. Witnessing their success is what motivates us.

Our team is highly diverse, comprising not only programmers but also graphic designers, marketers, cybersecurity experts, and systems administrators.

This unique blend of skills enables us to deliver a comprehensive range of services at the highest level!

Together since 2017

Grind Dev

The name of our company, GrindDev, often sparks curiosity among its audience.

"Grind" reflects the life philosophy of our founder, Dominik Nowakowski. In essence, it signifies perpetual and relentless development, consistently giving one's best in every endeavor, regardless of its nature.

"Dev" is an abbreviation for Development, and in our context, it specifically refers to software development.

The core values of our company

These principles are the essence of our business, serving as a guiding force for every successful team sharing a common vision.

At GrindDev, teamwork is ingrained in our culture, and we unwaveringly uphold these core values, empowering us to consistently deliver the highest quality.

Beyond IT

Merging programming expertise with analytics, marketing, and business practices to deliver tangible gains and achieve Your goals.


Choosing us means gaining not only the best IT solutions for your business but also a trustworthy partner you can always rely on.


We use the best solutions. In the rapidly evolving world of IT, we are always up-to-date.


We run our own charitable and social organizations, and we support others.

Services without borders

We are currently based in Spain and Poland, collaborating with companies from around the world.