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SEO Optimization

Personalization and Uniqueness

Each of our projects is made 'from scratch', 100% adapted to the needs of our clients.

Only in this way can your website stand out among thousands other!

The site looks good on any device

It doesn't matter if you run the website on a small phone or huge screen - she will always fit and look professional.

Up to 85% of website traffic is already through devices mobile, Responsiveness is a must these days!


With the dynamic development of technology, more and more often page trends and patterns are changing.

A page that was adjusted perfectly after a few months may not be the case.

Our technical team constantly watches over all our sites were best adapted and updated.

SEO optimization

It's not enough that the site is pretty - it must be visible to users.

SEO optimization not only speeds up the website performance, but it significantly affects search engine rankings.

Functionalities and Integrations

We will do any integration and functionality.

Calendar with registrations? Product configurator? Integration with social media?

We will do everything you and your business need!


No start-up fee means that you can enjoy a professional website without large start-up capital.

The subscription price includes everything - domain, server, SSL certificate, support 24/7 technical support, graphic design.

No start-up fee means that you can enjoy a professional website without large A website that was adjusted perfectly after a few months can already be like this not be.

Our technical team is constantly watching to make all our websites the best they can be adjusted and updated.

It's hard to plan for the future, especially in these very volatile times.

Therefore, in our subscription offer, you can ask for it at any time changes on the page.

After paying for the first period, the site becomes your property.


A simple and effective cooperation system

We focus on building relationships and a perfectly adapted website
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You give us a brief outline of what side you're talking about, and we arrange meeting (can be online).


At the meeting, we set the details - design, completion date and price. After which we pass to be implemented.


We create the website and send it for approval. We make adjustments until you don't in 100% pleased.


We publish your website and your business grows faster than whenever!

GrindDev is more than a company

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For social and charitable institutions, as well as people in need of help

We are GrindDev With pride and satisfaction we present our projects.

A plan tailored to you


The prices given are GROSS prices, i.e. final prices, there are NO additional charges.

Includes the cost of domain, 24/7 technical support, server, SSL certificate, email box, graphics support.


EUR 39

per month

One page websites, usually for business presentation. No additional features besides contact form.


EUR 59

per month

Websites with more subpages and simple form-type functionalities contact/registration, multilingual (up to two languages), blog.


EUR 199

per month

It includes very extensive and complex pages with many functionalities and translation into an unlimited number of languages.


EUR ...

per month

It includes very extensive and complex systems such as CRM systems. Because Due to the complexity of such systems, only a free individual valuation applies.