Leads to yoursuccess!

    ElStudent is a project created by us.
    We came up with the idea for such an internet application during our studies. We lacked a place where students could organize, communicate and help each other. Usually, there are some groups in social media, but they have very limited possibilities.
    ElStudent is integrated with the USOS system. Only active students can create an account. After registration based on the USOS system, the student is assigned to pages with all his / her activities.
    On the website of each class he can see who he is in the group, when classes take place, see materials and content from previous years, and also communicate with others, post messages, notes, etc.
    For communication between users, we have created a real-time instant messenger.
    The project is currently being tested. We hope that after the implementation, it will facilitate the learning of many students.


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