About Us

Who we are?

Broadly understood IT is not only our profession, but also ours passion. We want to derive joy and satisfaction from seeing how thanks to our works our clients are successful.

Our team is very diverse. It consists not only of programmers, but also of graphic designers, marketers, cybersecurity experts and administrators systems.

Thanks to this combination, we are able to provide a wide range of services on the highest level!

Together since 2012

Grind Dev

The name of our company GrindDev usually evokes mystery among recipients.

Grind - it can be said that this is the life philosophy of the founder of our company.

In a nutshell, it means continuous and continuous development, giving your best in everything you do whatever it is, no matter what it is.

Dev is short for Development, which in our case is software development.

The foundations of our company

These are the principles on which we base our business. Every team that wants to be successful must follow the same vision.

At GrindDev, we always work as a team, sticking to the fundamental principles thanks to which we can provide the highest quality.


No hooks or dirty tricks


Because time is money


You can always expand your skills


We support many social and charitable organizations and initiatives

Services without borders

Although our headquarters is located in a small town of Mogilno in Poland, thanks to technology we even cooperate with companies located on other continents.

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